How much does each website cost?
Subscriptions are month-to-month and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at anytime. If the plan change happens between billing cycles, the system will automatically prorate your monthly fee.

1-3 Sites - $35 per month
4-9 Sites - $65 per month
10-19 Sites - $95 per month

*Each additional 10 sites are only $30 per month!
When a listing sells, can I delete the website and create a new site in its place?
You may add or delete websites as you choose. You are only charged by the amount of websites you are using and your payment plan will adjust accordingly. Some agents only like to have “Active” and “Pending” listing websites. Other agents like to keep “Sold” listing websites for their listing portfolio.
Can I customize the look of my websites?
Our designers have created 3 current templates. You may use your companies logo or upload your own custom logo. We are in the process of creating more templates and will notify our users when additional themes are available.
Can I assign different agents to different properties?
You may create as many agent profiles as you’d like under one account. When you build each website, you’ll have the option to select an agent.
Can I assign multiple agents to the same property?
You may select multiple agents with their own profiles or you may create a team profile.
Can I use a custom URL for each website like www.PropertyAddress.com?
You are able to either use a free AboveModern.com/yourproperty link or you may use a custom URL. To use a custom URL, you must purchase it through a 3rd party provider like Godaddy.com. Once you own the URL, you must login to that account and change the nameservers to:

Do your sites offer SSL?
We have created a system that automatically generates SSL certification for your websites. For fastest deployment (usually only a few minutes), we recommend that you point the nameservers prior to adding the domain on Above Modern. If you point your nameservers to Above Modern after you add the custom domain name, it can take up to 12 hours for the SSL certificate to activate. You may check the status, by visting https://www.yourwebsiteurl.com.
Can I create an "unbranded" version of my property
Yes, just add /mls to the end of your URL or custom domain name.
Can I link PDF documents (floor plans, disclosures, etc.)
We are currently working on allowing for PDF attachments. We’ll notify our users when this feature is available.
Can I hide the property address to keep it confidential?
Yes, you can just write “Address Undisclosed” in the address field.
How do I prepare and upload photos for best results?
We recommend photos be at least 1600 pixels wide and no larger than 8 megabytes. Larger images are automatically resized & optimized for speed during upload. NOTE - Our templates work best with feature images that are horizontal, rather than vertical. But the full photo gallery can easily handle both horizontal and vertical.
Can I add videos to my websites?
Simply input the YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia URL into the Video input field for your property website. Then upload an image as the place holder. We recommend horizontal images.
Can I display 3D virtual tours on my single property websites?
You may link your Matterport via the video link. However, it’s currently an either video or Matterport situation. We are currently working on allowing for both video and virtual tours and will notify our users when we launch that feature.